Rockwell provides varicocelectomy as the safest and most effective treatment for varicoceles, a vascular condition that leads to a high incidence of male infertility.

What are Varicoceles?

Rockwell provides varicocelectomy in Miami, FL. Varicoceles are swollen veins in the scrotum similar to varicose veins in the legs. This is a fairly common condition affecting 15% of all men due to problems in the vessels carrying blood to and from the testicles. When the valves in the veins in the testicles don’t work properly, blood flows backward and accumulates in the testicular veins, leading to increased pressure and swelling.

Varicoceles increase the temperature in the testicles and cause blood accumulation in the testicular veins. In both situations, varicoceles damage or kill the sperms, thereby reducing the quality of your semen. Varicoceles don’t cause severe symptoms, though you may experience mild discomfort in your testicles, so they often go undiagnosed. Over time, varicoceles may contribute to male infertility.

What is Varicocelectomy?

Varicocelectomy is a procedure wherein the swollen testicular veins are surgically removed to treat male infertility and restore optimal sperm production. Microsurgical varicocelectomy involves using a microscope to make tiny incisions on the skin’s surface and repair the enlarged/ swollen veins. The damaged veins can be removed while preserving the arteries, thereby restoring optimal blood circulation.

The Varicocelectomy Procedure

At Rockwell, your procedure for varicocelectomy in Miami will be performed by Dr. Sherwin Zargaroff, the country’s leading board-certified urologist and genital surgeon. During your private consultation, Dr. Zargaroff performs a physical examination to determine if you have varicoceles. He may also use a color duplex ultrasound to visualize the blood flow in your testicular veins, thereby confirming the diagnosis. This allows him to curate the ideal treatment plan.

Varicocelectomy is performed as an in-office procedure under local or general anesthesia. The surgeon makes a small incision in the abdomen near the testicles to insert a microscope that visualizes the diseased vein. Using microscopic guidance, the diseased veins are cut away to eliminate the varicoceles. The incision is sutured and allowed to heal, the surgeon discusses your post-treatment guidelines, and you can return home.

Recovery & Aftercare

Since varicocelectomy is performed as an outpatient procedure, you can return home and resume most of your daily activities immediately. Complete recovery takes less than five days, but you can resume light activities in a day or two. The bandages will be removed after 48 hours. You should also refrain from sexual activities for at least one week. Over time, your sperm count and motility will increase, increasing your chance of conceiving a baby.

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