Testicle Implants

Rockwell offers silicone and saline testicle implants that look and feel completely natural while improving your overall cosmetic appearance and confidence.

What are Testicle Implants?

A testicle implant is a silicone or saline implant placed within an empty scrotum. Testicle implants are meant for men born without a testicle or those who have lost their testicles due to injuries or trauma. In some cases, men can also get testicle implants to improve the cosmetic appearance of the genitals.

Dr. Zargaroff provides silicone and saline testicle implants in Miami. Silicone implants look natural, but they’re slightly firmer than natural testicles. However, the silicone has no risk of leaking if punctured. Saline implants are softer and feel more natural, but they’re not usually available in adult sizes. As such, most testicle implants are made of silicone.

Testicular implants improve cosmetic appearance and sexual confidence, which, in turn, can allay psychological fears. However, testicle implants don’t provide the same functions as natural testicles, so they’re purely cosmetic. In most cases, testicle implants are sought out by men who have lost testicles due to injuries or trauma.

The Testicle Implant Surgery

Your testicle implant surgery starts with a private consultation with Dr. Zargaroff at his accredited surgical facility. He examines your testicles, discusses your goals, and listens to your concerns to curate the ideal surgical plan. He walks you through every step of the surgical process, discusses your options, and plans the surgery.

During surgery for testicle implants in Miami, the surgeon will place you under local or general anesthesia to ensure comfort. He’ll make a small incision in the upper scrotum and create a pouch for the testicle implant. The chosen implant will be sewn or fixed inside the pouch in the ideal position. Finally, the incision will be sutured.

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Reasons for Testicular Implants

  • You have a missing testicle from birth.
  • Your testicle is malformed or asymmetrical.
  • You’ve lost a testicle due to injuries or trauma.
  • The testicle hasn’t descended into the scrotum.
  • The testicle is removed due to an infection.
  • The testicle is removed to cure testicular cancer.
  • You’re unhappy with the current appearance of your testicles.

Recovery & Aftercare

You should expect some pain, tenderness, and discomfort at the surgical site for up to 48 hours after the procedure. Pain medications can help with the pain and discomfort. The surgeon may provide supports for the scrotum to facilitate healing. The bandages will be removed after a few days. You can resume your daily activities and work in a few days, but you must avoid strenuous physical activities and sex for at least one month.

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