Cosmetic Circumcision

Rockwell in Aventura, FL, provides cosmetic circumcision for men who are dissatisfied with the shape, appearance, or feel of the foreskin on their penises.

What is Cosmetic Circumcision?

Rockwell provides cosmetic circumcision in Miami, a procedure wherein the foreskin of your penis is removed for cosmetic reasons. Besides cosmetic appearance, circumcision can also enhance your sexual function, satisfaction, and sensitivity or help you prolong your intimate sessions. However, you have to prepare yourself for at least 4 to 6 weeks of abstinence from sexual activity to recover from the procedure.

Benefits of Cosmetic Circumcision

  • Improves the cosmetic appearance of your penis.
  • If you have an extremely tight foreskin, it provides significant comfort.
  • If circumcised penises are the norm in your society, it minimizes the feeling of alienation.
  • Improve your sexual hygiene — the foreskin creates the perfect environment for the proliferation of bacteria.
  • Eliminate the risk of penile cancer.
  • Minimize (but not eliminate) the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, such as HIV.
  • Improve your overall confidence and sexual pleasure.

Candidates for Cosmetic Circumcision

You’re the ideal candidate for cosmetic circumcision if you’re an adult male who is dissatisfied with the shape, appearance, or feel of the foreskin. You can also consider this procedure if you believe it better adheres to your faith, culture, or society. Some men opt for cosmetic circumcision to minimize the proliferation of smegma (accumulated bacteria and dead skin cells) under the foreskin.

The Cosmetic Circumcision Experience

Your procedure for cosmetic circumcision in Miami will be performed by Dr. Zargaroff under local or general anesthesia. The surgeon will select the ideal cosmetic circumcision technique based on his evaluation and your cosmetic expectations. After marking the foreskin, the surgeon will make the necessary incisions and trim away the excess skin tissues from the targeted regions. The procedure concludes in 60 to 90 minutes.

Recovery & Aftercare

The urologist will wrap a light bandage around the area and provide a protective plastic to keep it dry. You can have someone drive you home the same day, but you must take a few days of rest and abstain from sex for around 4 weeks. You’ll have to wear briefs rather than boxers to offer maximum support to the area. Dr. Zargaroff will stay in touch to ensure you have a smooth recovery.

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Cosmetic Circumcision Techniques

Dorsal-Slit Method

The dorsal-slit method is suitable for men with phimosis, a condition wherein the foreskin is tight against the corona of the penis. During this technique, the surgeon releases the tight ring in the foreskin, pulls back the skin, and removes the excess tissues.

Sleeve Technique

The sleeve technique is suitable for men with extremely loose or excessive foreskin. In this case, the surgeon makes a circumferential incision around the foreskin to remove the unwanted tissues in a circular style.

Proximal Circumcision

The proximal circumcision technique preserves and retracts the entire foreskin. In this case, the surgeon removes excess skin from the base of the penis, retracts the foreskin back, and sutures the incisions. This technique involves a longer recovery period.

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Rockwell is a luxurious medical center led by Dr. Sherwin Zargaroff, the country’s leading board-certified urologist and cosmetic surgeon. He provides the safest and most effective circumcision procedures for men who want to address cosmetic or functional concerns related to their penis. He has performed thousands of circumcisions without complications. For more information about cosmetic circumcision in Miami, please schedule an appointment at our medical center in Aventura, FL.