Our Difference

Rockwell is a state-of-the-art medical center focused on male health and sexual wellness in Aventura, FL. Led by Dr. Sherwin Zargaroff, our cosmetic office focuses on male penile enhancement with fillers and other cosmetic and functional services, such as vasectomy, male infertility treatments, testicle implants, scrotox, p-shot, testosterone therapy, and more.

#1 Board-Certified Urologist

Rockwell is led by Dr. Sherwin Zargaroff, the #1 board-certified urologist in the US. He completed his residency in general surgery and urology from the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York. He also completed a prestigious fellowship in Andrology at the Northwestern University Medical Center, where he specialized in microsurgery, male sexual dysfunction, and male infertility. His professional affiliations include The American Urological Association, the Sexual Medicine Society of North America, and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

Urologists, by training, are surgeons of the kidneys, the bladder, and the genitalia. However, as opposed to general urologists, Dr. Zargaroff also specializes in andrology, making him uniquely capable of cosmetic circumcision, penile prosthesis, and other functional/cosmetic treatments related to male sexual health. Dr. Zargaroff is the #1 board-certified urologist in the US — he has been published in numerous peer-reviewed journals and has appeared on interviews in CBS, FOX, ABC News, and other media outlets.

Penile Enlargement with Fillers

Dr. Sherwin Zargaroff specializes in non-surgical penile enlargement with fillers. Most urologists provide penile enlargement with complex surgeries that involve a high risk of complications. And most of the non-surgical options on the market are ineffective or unsafe. However, Dr. Zargaroff provides safe and effective penile enlargement with fillers, such as Juvéderm and Restylane, or p-shots.

Dr. Zargaroff’s penile enlargement options involve strategically delivered injections in targeted areas with no anesthesia or downtime. With Juvéderm, the procedure is reversible and temporary, but patients desiring long-lasting results can opt for penile enlargement with other fillers. Besides enhancing the penile girth, the procedure also improves sexual quality and experience.

Complete Discretion

Dr. Sherwin Zargaroff holds discretion and anonymity sacred. First, Dr. Zargaroff avoids marketing his clinic widely to minimize name recognition, so people won’t know where you’re going. Second, the credit card statement won’t ever betray revealing information about your treatment — it will only feature the doctor’s name, not even the name of the medical center. This ensures that your anonymity is protected at all times.

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